Life comes at you so fast.. today im reflecting on past experiences then suddenly got a call from my aunt complaining about my cousin being pregnant againnnnn! I remember sometime in 2015 when i got pregnant and only my cousin was aware next thing we got into a fight and she said “ If you love children so much why are you planning to abort the one you’re carrying “ she said that when my whole family was together.. till today that statement gets to me. Although i didn’t answer but in my mind i said “don’t worry very soon you’ll understand.. i found out I’m fertile asf so I’m on birth controls… she took in 5times in 2022 . Now this morning her mom called me to tell me they just found out she’s pregnant and she must keep it… I’m quietly waiting for her to call me for advice so I’ll tell her
If you love kids so much and always taking in just born this one 🥳🥳🥳🥳

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