Player gets played

She just saw her period after 2 months

What a new year gift 

No more smashing

Comments palava

I made last post and I saw comments….
So what actually happened is we do smash often without condom but I kn I don’t nut inside her but she will still insist on taking post pill .
If I’m wrong she has taken that pill like 6 times within October ending to November ending…so almost all sex pills must be taken which I’m against on… before she came back from asuu strike her flow didn’t flow well it stopped after 2 days maybe due to stress cuz it was a long journey with bus ….so after the flow stopped it later flow again after a week or so 

So we smashed and she takes pills
So I think that’s what made her see her flow this January but if u guys says it’s spotting then I have to make her go for a test……you guys don cut my joy short ……life shaa

Comments palava 2

So during the seizure of her periods
She checks every week with pregnancy test strip and it always show negative so I’m confused by you guys comments……… saying it’s spotting

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