I discovered my girlfriend has been having sex with her cousin , a Nigga named Kingsley who lives in the same house ( a family house). I love her so much and she told me it was before we dated, but deep down I know they’re still fucking but she’s very smart about it. Additionally, the previous encounters I discovered she instigated it sometimes. She has no religious or moral consciousness and I fear the worse is yet to happen.

Get out pt 2

Save yourself they said in the comments , run for your life, you can’t save her, now I’ve been single for 2 weeks and don’t even know how to cope , I get lonely a lot , I start thinking , get depressed can’t focus. I know she’s doing well without me, I still love her. I really do not want anybody new to miss. They said I’m above average that it’ll be easy for me to find another but I don’t even want another, I just want her.

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