I’ve known this girl from college, I was having a crush on her then, but couldn’t open up to her, though we were cool as friends, because I kinda figured out that she liked me too. But to cut the long story short, I didn’t open up to her until we part ways. We got in touch again in 2018 as friends we were normally, but this time I decided to take my shot by telling her what I felt for her. It was through chat though because she we were in different states in Nigeria. But unfortunately for me, she said that she was in a relationship already and that she actually waited for me back then in college to open up to her because she had crush on me too. So it continued until this year august, when I got to know through our chats that she was single again, this time I said to myself that I won’t take chances and immediately I told her that I was still interested in dating her. She gave me reasons that will make us not work one of which was distance. But I kept on pressing until she agreed, and amazingly it was her first time of going into distant relationship. But my fear here is that she will be leaving for U. K by next year, so the distance will be much, though she came around this December after many years if not seeing her in person, we had good times together, but she seems to be the one taking care of the bills in the relationship, and I’m really not comfortable with it, still a student though, but I just feel that she would definitely get tired of paying the bills and would want to walk away, that’s my fear.

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