Honestly I’m tired of trying to do things and they work out for me i cry so many times even when my parents see me they ask what’s wrong i just have to tell them I’m fine. I try to reach out to my parents in the little way i can even if i don’t have much especially my mom. I hate it when my friends around me are making moves and it feels like I’m stagnant, I’m quite repetitive and those events keep playing in my head. I’ve prayed done quite a couple things to get money, i have a dream I’m tryna chase haven’t even gotten it yet still want to get a place of my own, nothing yet. Feels like I’ve offended God or something, i don’t know what to say, i get down a lot of times when it feels like I’m not progressing. I’m the first born even my other sibling is doing better, i don’t envy him i just want to have my own chance. I’m tired of this stage honestly it’s taking to long i really want a change fr!

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