Disappointed 1

I am really dissapointed in my partner. We have been living together for a long time now. We both have visited each others parents in the city and his parents house looks good enough. But now the holidays are here and we had to go to his village as his only surviving grand parent wanted to give us his blessings and also meet me since we are already planning our wedding. I do not like the state of his parents house in the village at all. It is so run down and not taken care of. To add to that, as the son of the house he hasn’t build his own house as per traditions yet.

Disappointed 2

This house is only 2 BR, while I am sharing a room with one of his younger sisters (she’s sleeping on the floor) the other room is occupied by his mother and other sister. He is sleeping on the sitting room floor. You should see us cruising in the city with our big Land Cruiser and I come to find out this is the state of his village home. I am more than dissapointed and to think we are here until New Year. I told him when we get children they will just be coming for the day and we sleep in a near by hotel. He really needs to do better by the mother as the man of the house.

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