I’m male, 27, born into the wrong family, and I hate it. I love my mom (and this is not coming from a place of pride), but every single person in my family acts, talks, dresses, thinks like retarded stark illiterates from the slums. Zero exposure. No social media. Can’t read/write. Pauper mentality, like the lowest of the lows, even though they went to Poly. My sisters & especially my younger bro roam the street like losers. I’m the only one that managed to finish university (with 2 scholarships), and now earning 7 figures in tech. Many times I’ve tried to empower them but they run the businesses to the ground and blame it on spiritual attacks and ask for another money. They do fetish stuff a lot. It’s draining me. I don’t have any cool uncle or aunty that I could connect with. I’m ashamed of my family. I wish I could disappear and get married and never look back.


  1. Just give them money once in a while
    Get one of your sibling teach her or him some short education be it a course show her or him how things are in this generation
    If its a business sit in it first show them how to run it balancing everything
    Family is something you should embrace

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