December shege

My talking stage just told me he has ADHD this December and instead of him being inconsistent with me , he wants to step back a bit. True I’m always complaining about his communication because he takes time to reply my texts and when he realizes he hasn’t responded ,he calls and we talk for a long while. This communication thing is something I’ve grown to accept because he’s actually terrible at texting but when we see in person we talk a lot and our phone calls go really well. I don’t even know what to do. What a December😂!! I should probably move on.


  1. My dear move on I had such a person earlier this year. He has someone else or he is still playing the field I am a firm believer of no matter how “busy” he or she might be if you matter to him he or she would make time

  2. I came here to tell you he’s lying sis, and the fact that he’s using an account mental health problem as an excuse is a very red flag. He just has a main girlfriend not ADHD lol
    He’s probably emotionally manipulative as well, you better leave now or else you’ll be stuck in that loop for a very long time

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