Been a relationship now for past 5 years and 4 months and all I wish for right now is to find my part on my own, things has been going on okay even with the flaws but this year is looking like the worst one because I have not seen my babe acting in some ways as he did and it is like i am having a post traumatic stress disorder. We became cool and all but i am still not getting myself even when we have small misunderstandings, I don’t know how to handle been on my own, it has been a while I handle things on my own, I am trying to adjust but it isn’t working. My heart yearns for him each and every time .

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  1. If you’ve found someone to share your challenges with, someone who your heart yearns for. Why ruin it by desiring to be alone?

    Sometimes things as good as what you have does not come twice in life.

    Talk to him.about it. Maybe he should hand over the decision-making power to you for a while.

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