In a relationship for two years now, problem is we keep having serious quarrels every week,I mean since 2020 a week doesn’t pass without us fighting. I feel our relationship is toxic but I’m scared to tell her,we keep breaking up and coming back, Its really blowing my mind off. I want to break up but I’m scared , she keeps threatening to hurt me if we do. I love her but I want peace for us.

Girlfriend Prt 2

I’m the guy that my secret was posted yesterday concerning my girlfriend. Well since most of the comments required me to break up, I decided to do it today and guess what?She got violent,gave me a hot slap, screamed at me saying she’s not going anywhere, she’ll set me on 🔥 if she sees me with another woman.I hope she moves on cause I won’t compromise for anything.

One comment

  1. Aboby leave the relationship. I left same kind of relationship about 9 months ago and it’s the best decision I made for myself. I’m with someone who really makes me feel heavenly.

    Don’t fall for her cheap emotional blackmail.

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