Life’s messed up, started hustling since March till date, na 6.8naira dey my account. Haven’t seen my mom since last year. My Dad acts like I do not exist. I’ve got zero friends, just a few cousins try to push me through. Love life is nothing to. I won’t even date myself if given the chance. I want to cry so badly but the tears sef no gree come. I’m tired.
The thought of what happens when i die is what’s keeping me alive.
I’m on the last thread


  1. Uhm. Been there.

    What’s your greatest value as a person?
    Have you found that?

    If you have, then exploit it. Don’t go hustling like others do. You’ll not make it in life. Instead hustle in line with your greatest value. Returns may be small at first but you’ll find out that with time, you’ll find peace and satisfaction. And with that come fulfilment and happiness. And with happiness comes growth and more money.

  2. Breath in slowly then out
    Dont rush anything in your mind and in your steps
    Thats why your stressed you want everthying to work out very soon but good things take time and work
    One step at a time live through one single day small steps still count

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