Almost impossible

Just like yesterday ‘last year’ he came into my life, showered me love and affection promising every now And Then he will always be there for me gosh I’m crying right😢😢 and build our future together and have beautiful kids and even introduce me to his family in which they all liked me. Ever since I lost my mom I never knew I could love someone like this, all for him to start getting distant and then one argument led to other and he asked for a break because his mental health isn’t stable (he’s been depressed a lot), asked him multiple times the source of his depression but he couldn’t fig it out. He was my everything, my best friend, confidant, mom, dad, everything I ever wanted was him and I miss all that..
These days when I meet other people and they start giving me attention i just lose interest and ghost them because I feel it’s all fake. I wish all this is over and our break is over but it seems almost impossible and I’m scared and it hurts!

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