I’m tired

I’m crying as I type this… Someone I considered a friend said some hurtful things to me.. So I posted on my ig story about how we all should be kind to celebrities and mind what we say to them as they are humans and have feelings too.. Next thing this supposed friend of mine sends me a dm saying hope I have sense now.. I was shocked and thought it was for someone else so I asked if everything was fine and she said I’m a failure that’s why my office where I did nysc didn’t retain me.. That she’s in school for a second degree and she knows I’m still job hunting.. I told her in confidence that I was still job hunting you know how Nigeria is if you don’t have connections it’s been 5 years I have applied for jobs gone for different interviews yet nothing ,I needed an outfit for my birthday photoshoot so I asked her where she got hers because I needed something like that but she said I could use hers instead of wasting money getting a new one (thank God I didn’t) my sister gave me an early birthday present which i used for the photoshoot..would you believe that she was insulting me that we are poor that’s why I wanted to use her clothes for my birthday photoshoot.. . She said me that was always bed-wetting and coming last in secondary school.. Funny thing was we planned to hang out the next week for old times sake..i lost my dad at a very young age and I saw the things my mom had to go through to make sure my siblings and I never starved.. My mom would sacrifice buying a new cloth because we needed something… Honestly listening to the voice notes broke me… I even had to ask her if we had issues before and in her words “no o we are just catching cruise but I’m saying my mind to you bivch”.i have been crying since that I’m sick now …mayb I should just end it all… I really tried ..i have known her for over 8 years..


  1. Girll…that’s not your friend!!!!
    You better start thanking God for letting your long term enemy show her face.
    Also. I suspect there’s something about you she doesn’t have that’s hurting her so badly. Look inside and thank God for the things you have.
    You’ll also get a job soon don’t stress it my guy❤️

  2. She’s just jealous of you for real,you have something she’s lacking probably self love but anyways pay to mind to her and avoid her

  3. Poster if you see this, drop me a message on IG @Tre_gotti.. I want to be your friend, I don’t end it because your family love you above all God love you

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