I had sex with this girl I’m about to date six months ago and I left the city , traveled and came back after six months , met her again and she gave me infection, it showed on my body next day I just finished having sex with her I rushed to the hospital and ran a test which they confirmed it and started treatment, now immediately I called the girl and she swore that I’m the only she had sex with for the past six months , could this be true ? Me I don’t believe women though but I did she get the infection the doctor said it’s developing gonorrhoea , I need advice because I want to wife her.


  1. Did you have sex where you went off to for six months cus you don’t discover sexually transmitted disease in 24hrs. So, there’s a probability that you already contracted the disease before coming back and you even infected her.

  2. Wife her!!!. You know why?

    Because in life there are some lessons that you can only learn by personal experience,not advises..wife her so that you can gain an important learning by experience.

    Moreover,your mind is already made

  3. Which infection shows after 24hours? There’s something called ‘incubation period’ (the pathogen is in your body, but there’s no symptom) for every disease and I personally don’t know any STI with 24hrs incubation period.

  4. You just infected her… no infection shows within 24hours
    She should go and treat herself

  5. I had the same issue one time till now i dont know what happened am a female
    But in men if there infected esp with STDs it shows immediately but a female you can stay with da bacteria and it just keeps on growing without showing syptoms even
    Probably the female contacted the bacteria before you met and the second time the bacteria had grown

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