Good girl

I’ve been a good girl all my life, I don’t do all the things people in their twenties do. I don’t keep late night, I’m mainly home and when I go out I’m back home 10pm latest. But you can never satisfy humans, they will always complain well now I’m about to start giving them a good reason to complain.

One comment

  1. I have never been lucky with friends.. I try as much as possible to make them happy but yet they all turn against me.. I had a friend from jss1 mind you I went to an all girls school we were so close that anytime my family got me something they would get her to.. When we entered ss1 she changed.. I resumed late due to health reasons so when I came all the spaces where gone except the one on top her.. I begged her as a friend and she said no that she wants her privacy.. After much begging she finally agreed but I saw h*ll she would pick on everything I did but I had to manage because of my health.. Finally we left secondary school she went abroad for her studies will I stayed back here.. Throughout our days in uni we hardly spoke because of time difference and all.. So last year we decided to hang out on my birthday.. It was my 25th birthday and I wanted to do a photoshoot even if I wasn’t going to throw a party.. I reached out to a fashion designer but she told me she won’t be free until a month after my birthday.. So I reached out to this my “friend ” asking where I could get something like what she used for her birthday since it was the same thing I wanted but she said it would be better I have hers instead.. I guess God had a reason for what he did later that evening my elder sister gave me a birthday gift a dress so I used it for my photoshoot.. One day on ig I just posted on my story that we should be mindful of the things we say to celebrities as they are humans and it could b*reak them next thing I got a dm from her saying hope I have sense now.. I was so shocked and asked her if it was for me she said yes that I’m a failu*re who was always coming last in secondary school(remember I said in ss1 I resumed late due to health reasons) and bed-wetting she said more and I was shocked we had planned to meet the next week and hang out all of a sudden everything changed …that she’s in the University again looking for another degree and she knows I’m still suffering and job hunting that I’m poor that’s why I wanted to borrow her dress for my birthday .. It’s been 5 years since I finished service I have tried to get a job gone for different interviews yet nothing ..i have fallen into depr*ession because a lot of my mates are married with children doing well and someone who I considered a friend would say those words to me.. She said a lot and to be honest I have been crying since I’m tired maybe I should just end everything.. I tried I honestly really tried..

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