Should I sell it?

Hello,I and my guy have been together for more than 1 year now and I love him so much and I know he really do love me too,but he is not financially okay,and have been feeding the both of us for months now and doing his data because I have a business of my own,but the problem now is his house rent will be due for payment in few days time and he doesn’t have anything,likewise me but I have some golds that I can sell and use to pay it for him,but I’m scared I don’t know if I will later regret this when he start making money,should I sell it or just let him look for solutions for himself ?


  1. Save your gold ma’am
    That gender isn’t to be trusted,he can change anytime and move on
    He’ll even forget what you’ve done for him…Hqopt ending exist too tho, it’s just God lol

  2. Dont sell anything babes
    Let him sweat it out has a man reserve that as “good i didnt do this”

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