I liked him since my Matric, found out he had a girlfriend. They broke up, I go put head and I got pregnant. He was sweet at first until he started getting cold and said he didn’t care and I should remove the baby. I’m not even 20, my education is falling apart but I was willing to hide from my parents till I have my baby. I couldn’t get money and support so I removed it only to find out they were twins growing inside of me. He now wants me to keep it but what has happened has happened. I don’t even know what to do. I feel guilt and anger every day. I miss them so much


  1. I like a guy so much but his so damaged and deosnt give a fuck about any woman because of the way his ex treated him ,I try my best to show him that am different but in the end he still treats me like he doesn’t care , I try to forget this guy but I can’t 😞I just have to let him be but I still think about him 💔 why is it that when you like someone there must be a problem why😞

  2. Am so depressed ,am so scared of men I feel like the are all desame😞💔 where can I find a guy with good intention

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