My boyfriend of almost two years visited after his work got to my place before me ,he got angry because he didn’t meet me at home, he had his bath changed to a new clothe he brought while coming. I came in saw him dressed and asked where’s his headed to, he asked me if he can’t go out again? He left and didn’t come back not untill I saw his videos and pictures in a hotel he even posted the girl on his ig story I confronted him he apologized and said it dose not mean anything that I should think about it I said okay. Hours later he then posted their two pictures on his page I saw it like wtf?? Is this guy insane or what, I asked why posting a one night stand on his story even after apologizing earlier on two years of dating you I didn’t make it to your ig page he said they’re just friends. The same girl started calling him at midnight I even saw he saved her name with love emoji, a girl he just met on TikTok. I shaa ended the relationship today and took his things to his place he can happily move on with her.. I believe he was tired and has waited to misbehave so I helped him finish it up.


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