The frog prince

He speaks very terrible English, lousy, gists with me in Yoruba while I respond in English, got eating habits, infact he calls me “oloyinbo” and expects me to do things the Yoruba housewife way but he’s a perfect gentleman. Our relationship isn’t even 4 months old yet and I really don’t know if I want this. I’m confused. My friends ask what I’m doing with him but tbh, I don’t know. I feel I’m with him so I won’t continue being lonely and at least I’ll be getting some greasing steadily. I like him, he makes me laugh, treats me like a princess but I can’t find the love connection. I dare not ask him to hangout with me and my girls. He’ll embarrass me with his English. I don’t wanna break his heart. He’s a very good guy. Is it possible to change him? Should I talk to him about it? Sigh! God abeg I no wan shatter person heart🥺 he says I’m too broken to believe he loves me. he’s the perfect example of my kinda man. Only that he comes with a lot of commas.


  1. You can teach him,. Trust me, he can always be the man you’ve always dreamt of. It was a lady that motivated me to become who I am today.

  2. And you think you don’t come with commas? You’re a broken woman who thinks no one can love you. You don’t even love yourself yet. That’s the biggest comma anyone has to deal with when they’re in love with someone.
    Do yourself a favor and allow that man to love you. FUCK What Your Friends Think!

  3. Since he is your kinda man and he makes you happy that ought to be your priority. And about his English being bad, if he is willing to learn and improve on it, give it a shot! But remember, at d end of the day you gotta do what makes you happy and fulfilled regardless of what other people thinks. Don’t throw away something beautiful and amazing just because you wanna impress others. Also make sure the feelings is mutual too and be sure of what you REALLY want.

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