life mehnn

I have alot to say actually but the main thing is I’m depressed and very suicidal like almost at my breaking point rn. alot of things aren’t going well in my life… most of my friends aren’t really available to talk, I can’t talk to my “family” cos they don’t really understand mental health. it’s taking a toll on me physically, I can’t concentrate without thinking of something bad in my life which prompts me to have a mental breakdown and cry, I feel soo weak because my only solution is fuckin crying my hear out to God, the universe…. anything that’ll listen to me atp. omo if someone told me 3yrs back that my life would be this depressing and sad at 17 I’ll never believe. I wonder if this is what people usually feel before ending it


  1. Heyy you’ll be fine trust me😙 You’re just 17 There’s more to life than the present worries

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