Field of lemons

It all started with me being raped severally as a child by my uncle to growing up to be a teenager in an abusive relationship to becoming a mom by CS at 19 and getting dumped afterwards, leaving me to be a single mama. I’ve struggled for myself all my life. My folks are poor. It’s just really sad. I’m beautiful, and very hardworking but it all just seems as if nothing ever works for me. Even if I post up anything for sale, nobody orders. I’m really frustrated. Nigeria economy isnt even helping. I can’t afford to even feed my kid. Hopefully one day, I’ll get to build up a lemonade juice factory outta my life’s field of lemons.
Las las, in whatever you do in this life, please have money! Very important!!!

One comment

  1. Run adverts for your business, have a positive mind and pray, soon things will turn around for your own good

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