Thinking deep PT1

Found myself in a relationship with this girl and tbh things became very hard for me, lost all business deals that could have made me rich, till after almost a year i said NO till money start dey enter my hand. I call that relationship entanglement because e look like jazz, how I told this girl I can’t show to my friends talkless of family that I love her.
She initiated the relationship though.
To be continued in PT 2

Thinking deep PT2

About 2 months after we started dating I found out her uncle live close to my fam house far away in another state, I didn’t like him but I just kept on.
Two months after i broke up something terrible happened to my family and I got a prophecy her uncle had a hand in it, he didn’t know anything about the relationship.
What if Dem don run my matter for the underworld.
Make God Sha dey save us.

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