E pain me reach bone💔☹

Months back my girlfriend found out that I cheated on her and make several arrangements for hookups, I apologized and I thought we moved past that stage
Hmm..she started talking to guys randomly and eventually I found out she cheated on me she didn’t clear any chats I felt she did it on purpose because she pinned the chat. When I asked her, she repeated exactly the same thing I said “I’m sorry I don’t know what came over me it won’t repeat itself forgive me let’s move pass this” damn! I’m pained sha I can’t even eat, I feel terrible for pushing her to this extent
E pain me I nor go lie pain me reach bone, I didn’t break up sha. I just dey but sleep has left me for days and she just acts normal like nothing happened 😐been suggesting Netflix series anyhow


  1. You better break up with that girl. This is the beginning of the cheating phase. What you had will never be the same again.

    1. But when he was the one that cheated, Una no talk say make she leave. She only sent back what he sent obviously and now you’re advising he leaves?? Jeez. Owner of relationship, sit your girl down and talk to her, apparently she didn’t appreciate your half assed apology so she used the same line on you bro. You both should sit yourselves down and talk about it and your relationship in general if it’s still going to work out which I think it should, make the both of una cut ties with una past and move on, go out on dates and you both should make it up to each other m, I said both o I didn’t say make it up to her. Agreed she shouldn’t have done hers back but there might still be remedy sha. Goodluck bro 😎 I’m rooting for you.

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