Is it me?

I’ve never been with anyone who plans dates and trips or self care days. I can plan these things myself but it’s my love language to have the person I’m with do these things. It’s not hard anymore. There’s literally people everywhere doing it for you. My exes didn’t and I thought it was a money problem and that’s exactly why I wanted a financially stable man. If it’s not still money, it’s a plethora of other reasons. I sound like I’m asking for too much these days but it’s just a simple dinner/lunch date. I’m stuck between wondering if it’s really the money or it’s just simply lack of intention because I’m not even asking for elaborate things. I’ve stopped talking about it. I’ll just focus on my business and school. Lol. I’m not waiting for any man again,I’ll do it for myself. Abi na cause I no get nyash?

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