D€mon Priest

I got a friend, She’s a nurse, married 2013 to a popular Church Priest, it’s been 9 years now and they have 4 children within the ages of 10 and 2. This so called priest molest the girls, I mean his daughters(also molest his member’s children, it’s safe to call him a pedophile). He’s so selfish, so non chalant about the children, his sisters fighting his wife, sleeping with all the househelps they bring, and if they don’t adhere ends up beating them with marks all over their bodies, Spending all his money on the sisters not even his wife or children. I mean he has money, he’s a Priest. I’m calling on Nigerians to please check out on their neighbours in Lagos state, the future of those girl children are at stake💔


  1. Pls tell us his name so we can take it up from there! Don’t stand complicit while he ruins those babies lives . Use anonymous account or whatever , waiting

  2. Coming here to give us this gist without details on who this man is is a waste of time and just gossip. Please drop his details here so that the proper people will follow up with him. Think of the poor children.

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