I broke up with my boyfriend a month ago because of his cheating habits. Trying to get over him only for me to realize this morning that I am pregnant after 5 days missed period. It’s my first pregnancy and I’m so confuse as to what to do. I won’t tell him because I’m not keeping the child.. I just want to get this out. Google isn’t helping.

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  1. Hmm I broke up with my ex boyfriend because of his bad attitude. tho before we broke up he started changing but it was too late. Then I moved on with my life, till I met my new boyfriend. Precisely my new boyfriend is caring and loving, at least far better than my ex. But I need advise guys, my ex is still insisting he can’t leave me and he even did surprise for my recent birthday and still planing to do more, according to him with lot of apologies. but guys I love my new boyfriend. I need advise on what to do…?

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