I’m an orphan, i stayed with my bro and his wife for 10+ and it’s been hell, I have to run away from home. I now stay with my boyfriend, he really loves me and has been taking care of me over 3+ But the thing is I can’t go out without him approving it. I can’t make friends, he always want me around him all the time. He stopped hanging out with is friends, it is just me with him all the time. I swear down I love him but the imprisonment is too much for me. I have my own life to live too. I’m just 21 I’ve always wanted to be a model but he won’t let me because he’s too jealous to let me go for shoot .. he follows me everywhere…I love him but I’m tried, I need freedom too…


  1. How about you sit him down and discuss this with him. If he still doesn’t change, you need to leave. Man needs help.

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