Single girl struggles

Hmmm, me I don’t understand how other girls are doing it; but if there is one thing I know a large percentage of Nigerian men are stupid.
I decided to try online dating last year ( # don’t judge me#) and here is a little in-site on my experience.
In my first week I got lots of messages but Nigerian diaspora men are the worst! RUN! these useless men lure girls in with promises of marriage but what most of them are really after is sex . How can you start chatting with a girl for the first time and next thing is that your planning trip to Nigeria for her to spend the night so you can be sure her pussy and your dick are compatible 1st before even bothering to find out anything about her. I have chatted with atleast 2 of them and after 2 days of chatting, the next thing Mr Man is saying is , when I come to Nigeria we are sleeping together to build physical chemistry.

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