Mixed feelings

I’ve been dating my boyfriend for a while now since 2019 ending. He’s an amazing guy.
He treats me well and all, we promised and agreed on alot of things like no cheating etc. But he didn’t know I have cheated on him like maybe 3 times. I think I cheat because it’ll give me comfort if I find out he’s also cheating on me. Although I doubt but you know men are somehow, But I love him though .. like I really love him. He said he wants to marry me, he’s jakpa-ing in January so.. I think I might either breakup with him before then, or just wait so that he will be the one to mess it up. I’m cheating again this weekend sha . God help me

One comment

  1. I’m feeling like a looser….Since 2019,All my efforts towards financial breakthroughs are all in vain , I prayed to God everyday but it seems God didn’t want to help me. I pray God brings peace to my heart.

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