My mom is hated rn

My mom lied to my dad that i am a prostitute and i make sex tapes. She also said i want to kill her all because I’m 27 and I’m not married. 3 days she made my brother and father with her included beat me up they broke my jaw i can only eat liquid I can’t chew. My dad looks at me with disgust everyday. I am not a prostitute
Funny thing is I don’t leave the house at all even to birthday parties of friends. I’m always in my room I don’t have a job yet i just finished service this year. I pray i see any job so i can just have somewhere to go
I just hate her rn she turned my family against me. She said i want to seduce her husband lol😂😂

She will be fine


  1. Pls find a way and leave that house for your own safety and sanity. Sometimes they say water is thicker than blood, when you move and cut them off they might then reset to their senses

  2. Pls leave that house and run far away as you can before you run mad, that house will ruin you if you stay there

  3. Dear sis , I pray that the lord be with you and remove the pains and trauma being caused

    Please sitting down at home can’t being you job, move out and look for job if not a well paid job but a job that will keep making income and make your mental health be at peace for awhile

    Dear sis , I know you love your family even with the trauma they caused
    Take care of yourself first , then make yourself clear and free in the sense that make them understand who you are because in a right senses of parents must dey do that , create a scence and be courageous when they’re around or together and ask your mom the question of the accusation being forcefully accused and make her understand how you feel bad and how you pray their accusation and decision won’t make them regret it in future because I believe that irrespective of any situation or accusation a father love and protection to his female child should be showed or assured.
    You can also try dating site to give marriage a try (1) joroolumofin on IG and (2) mingle to meet on IG

    I love you and Jesus loves you 🥰🥰🥰

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