I’m tired of my mom billing me. I’m the first born of my family and a girl. I’m just 18. I’ve got a job as a writer (not a steady pay. I got a steady one during strike) and still a student. Her sense of entitlement baffles me. I give her part of my salary and she keeps asking for more. Even when I don’t have enough, I try to give her. I’m back in school. I got paid for a work I did during strike. She knows about it. Ever since then she’s been disturbing me with calls. I want to give to my mom, but she shouldn’t make it a pain. I don’t want to start lying to her. I don’t have a dad. I have to take care of myself too. I need help.

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  1. My mum is exactly like this too, I just ignore her, I don’t call her or anything I only call when I want to and send her money when I want to, there’s no special bond between us tho so it’s easier for me. I’m the first born too so trust me I understand you totally, you’ll be fine just put yourself first please

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