Am still in love with my ex

I have not gotten over my ex, he’s someone I loved wholeheartedly for more 3 years, but beginning of this year we started had alot of issues that made me decided to let go but I never stop loving him. Around late August I got entangled with a guy that has been on my neck not because I like him but because I feel lonely and the only single person among my friends, my ex found out about him via my status and asked if he’s my new boyfriend I confirmed to him just to make him jealous and probably apologise for ruining the lovely relationship we had. I had to let the new guy go because am tired of pretending to like him not to talk of loving him. Now, my ex has moved on and in a relationship and here I am still in love with him but can’t have him, now am hurt, pained and lonely. I just hope I get over it all and be back to the bubbly person that I am.

One comment

  1. This is what happens when a lady gives mixed feelings to a man. We think we don’t know what we want?

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