I’m very unlucky with guys, I started talking to this guy on Snapchat, he was very nice, caring fine and my spec. At first I didn’t really want anything serious but I started getting attached to him. We used to text a lot and call in the night and all that shit, we decided to meet so I travelled from my state, 4 hour journey because my state didn’t have flights. We met, had a nice time, acted very cute, I even made videos and stuff I thought I finally landed a good guy only for me to come back and he stopped picking my calls and replying my texts. I called and called and left a ton of texts , I have been crying since. I’m tired, someone that I really like did this to me. I’m very sad, I don’t know what to do, I just want a loving relationship forever. I know it’s not all that defines me but at least when I want to be in one. Let it be good. I’m very hurt, all my eyes are swollen 😂.. and I’m a loner so I don’t have friends to keep me company. I’m just here crying and crying and crying .. I can’t go out .. can’t do anything .. just crying

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