Am I being selfish or am still in love?

I had this ex I broke up with few months ago due to a lot of issues that keeps piling up and I felt leaving the relationship is the best decision for me. I got entangled with another guy late August, although I accepted him because I was feeling lonely at some point and even had to bend my standard just to be with him because he’s totally the opposite of what I wanted in guy, I had to tell him at a point how I truly felt about him because I never stopped loving and thinking about my ex even when we are having sex. Now, I still feel attached to my ex but he’s already in a relationship I just wish we took a break instead of separating, maybe I would still have a chance with him because right now thinking about my ex having another girlfriend hurts and I can’t stop questioning myself if am still in love or am only being selfish because he has a new girlfriend?

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