You called me all the way from warri that you needed where to stay for ur nysc for few weeks after cheating me a year ago with my % I was supposed to see from a job then you decided to take it all then after a year. I’ve blocked the stupid ass from my life, he found my new number then calling me. I was too dumb to have accepted the stupid apology which I let you stay at my place without you paying a dime then got you a better phone after lying your phone was stolen a week before you called me. I went as far as using the whole of my savings I kept with my mother to do an investment you pushed me into just because you needed the referral bonus then after a week the whole investment crashed with my 3 million naira capital in which I was totally wrecked at that period before things got better again in few months. I still got you a better phone plus a lot of numerous other stuff I did, also treated you like my blood brother just because of my pure heart. Now I got a bigger apartment of 2 bedroom out of the business I did all by myself then I gave you a room to stay and yet you’ve the bloody audacity to tell me what to do in my house just because I can’t afford to pay the bills due to business not going fine and you’re the one paying the bills. Yoou suddenly grew wings to tell me what to do in my house , switching off the ac while I’m using it , telling me not to use my washing machine in my house and today you did the worst of the worst
I leave everything to Gods hands to judge you
never in my life will ever forgive you for this in my whole life will I ever make any friends only focusing on my family and my girlfriend

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