I came to visit my husband in Dubai only to find out this girl won’t stop texting my husband, sharing her nudes and talking bout how she loves and miss him, how she has always believed in him because she can now see how rich he is, same babe that dumped him when he was broke ? She even tried to break up with her boyfriend and was rude to him because she wants to come to Dubai badly lol. Babe really wants to live my life so bad. My duplex and 2 exotic cars is entering enter her eyes, me I’ve kuku save the nudes. Next hi message I get from her..connotare fans and her boyfriend will see free porn. I’m even tempted to send it to her man. I’m still thinking lol..

One comment

  1. Lmaoooo….Women and cruise …As much as she’s WRONG ON ALL LEVELS,How about your so called husband that hasn’t put it upon himself to BLOCK HER AND GIVE HER THE INSULT OF HER LIFE NEVER TO REACH HIM AGAIN ???or he can’t do that ???Na your Man No rate you Abeg !!!Not the first time she’s texting him and nothings been done ??🌚So MUCH FOR A MAN THAT VALUES YOU O🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣Abeg Rest ,Your Husband obviously loves the cruise too and all ,And no be only you don get exotic car na ,calm down !

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