Omoo, I’ve said all the words my brain can process but she won’t believe me. I wish I could kidnap her and force her to use a lie detector on me, see I’ve never cheated. 18 months wasted because I was being stupid and insensitive. Call me obsessed or whatever, yes I’m obsessed! I don’t want any other girl, if you’re celibate, we will be, if you don’t want a relationship, let me just be able to talk to you and see you. I’ve given you peace, love, attention, everything and I want to give you more. My life has no meaning without you!

Nwakego 2

I’m not going to let you go! I’ll keep fighting, do whatever needs to be done. You don’t want a relationship, I know it’s not true cause you love to be in love. At least, you love how I love you. I’ll be Joe Goldberg, you won’t love anyone else if it’s not me. On God! I’ll do what I must. Sometimes, I get so angry, wouldn’t it be easier if I just cheated? Why beg and try to fix what never happened. Arghh!! Women! Like, why would I beg to be with you when I’m not getting proper love, no sex, no gifts. Can’t you see I can’t live without you??? 😭😭😭 Wth now!! Babe.


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