Can you guys just stop commiting suicide??? It is selfish and wicked! Get help, be very very patient with your recovery and stop timing it. 
My boyfriend committed suicide and now his family are looking for how to rope me in. Someone I cared for and stood by every step of the way, when I was helping they were thanking and appaulding me, now I am suddenly an enemy. Police wants to see me. I so regret the relationship. I haven’t even recovered from the loss, I can’t sleep or eat plus I have a history of hbp and losing weight. Someone is telling me you know his parents have money. PLease you people should stop it. Stop it. You are putting the life of others at risk.
And if you are dating someone who is suicidal or has some sort of mental illness, be careful abeg. 

I saw another post on suicide here so I had to send this.

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