Just recently, I discovered the power of my feminity and it is still bursting my head that for so long I’ve suffered when God has given me all the right tools to have my needs met at the tip of my fingers(Brain included lol).
I don’t want to share to much but I just got #2m to start up something from a man without sex! Ahhhhhhhh!!! I bless the day I decided to start thinking with my head instead of my heart. My girls, never underestimate the power of charm and seduction. You won’t regret it. These men thrive on fantasies. Build your empire on it sis. Work smart!


  1. Only simps thrive on such fantasies my sweet girl.
    Meet powerful men and your “feminine charm” will be an afterthought to them

  2. … nevertheless, milk those simps as much as you can. They deserve it for being the simps they are

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