I’m the first daughter and 3rd out of 4children, a fresh graduate who will do anything to be a supportive child but I feel like my family doesn’t rate me, my mom chooses my siblings over me always even though they can’t do half of what I do for her not that alone, my younger sister just started her business , she’s in 200l and it’s moving well. I’m not interested in business because i don’t have the ginger for buying and selling but my mom’s making me feel irrelevant. Been living my life for these people and I’m so useless to them. I work in my parent’s company and I’m independent to some extent but I just want to be valued too. These people make me feel like my future isn’t bright. I’m tired.

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  1. You don’t have to, just keep doing what you’re doing. A time is coming when they will know your worth. You can WhatsApp me 09156236608 for frndship

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