No Matter What, Have Fuel!!!

My neighbor’s wife that has been entering my eyes since they moved in finally came to charge in my apartment, Nepa thank you for not bringing light, i fucked this 30y/o like she stole phone in computer village. She was just squirting, my bed soaked, I came in her mouth, she was still sucking my dick when we heard her husband’s car pull up in the compound, her pussy still soaked in cum and squirt, her mouth full of cum. She swallowed, wore her gown, left me her panties and went through my back door and French kissed her husband welcome. Moral of the story, always on gen when there’s no light.


  1. It’s all FUNS AND GAME until you lose your mind and soul to it ..Things like this never EVER END WELL…I’ve been there before trust me and if you have the slightest Iota of like for her ,Respect your life enough to tell her the truth and Stop messing with her bro ..Even if she doesn’t have sense ,be the bigger person and Stop it before it cost you both something you love !!!
    If she loses her marriage to this ,Are you willing to WIFE HER???Man up bro !!!There are many singles out there ..

  2. I really don’t know why I like older women
    They turn me on each time I see an older woman
    I wasn’t abused by anyone when I was young

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