Is it weird that I resent my friend who has refused to leave her abusive boyfriend for the past 6 years? The last time this guy hit her, he damaged her eyes, if not for urgent medical attention she would have lost her sight. She said she would leave after that incident only to go back to him, and then he compensated her with an iPhone 12 pro max. Why are people willing to die for material things? Well I can’t take this friendship anymore, so I’ve ghosted her. Good luck to her and her toxic man, if he eventually kills her I won’t even cry

Resentment 2

I saw some people asking me to be there for my friend and be her shoulder to lean on. I have sincerely done that, infact her boyfriend asked her to cut me off that I’m a bad influence to her. I’ve adviced her so many times but she keeps going back, saying she doesn’t know what her life would be like without financial help from the guy. I’m totally drained from the friendship, she’s always complaining about the guy but won’t leave. So I can no longer deal.

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