Hi my name is Divine, I’ve been very depressed for years now and also dealing with ADHD. My mom is the most wicked person I’ve ever seen in my life and she has sadly influenced my dad a bit too. My home is the most toxic place I’ve ever seen in my entire life! Ever since I was in secondary school coming back home makes me sick!! And most times I feel like committing suicide. I’m currently having issues graduating from school because of my mental state, and my parents aren’t even understanding enough to grab that. It’s not even healthy to spill your secret to them because you’ll regret it for the rest of your life, more reasonable why I can’t tell them anything. Now my dad just found out I’ve been lying to him about my school issues but it’s not intentional on my own part because it involves money. I don’t even know if I can go on to elaborate my problem and seek for a solution. The more I’m typing this I’m in tears. Sorry to stress the intending readers .🙏


  1. How i wish we can rub minds and share some memories together, I understand and know how painful it is not to see or have anyone of like minds, Plz try as much as possible to liberate yourself from the anxiety within… peace and i love you ❤

  2. Much love and hugs to you. You’ll overcome it, someone somewhere needs your bravery, don’t let him/her down

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