I messed up :-(

There’s this guy, he’s an amazing person. He texted me and we started talking. Very funny, sweet and understanding. But not that long after we started talking he became much busier meaning less communication. It’s long distance as well so I got more upset about it. It reached a point where we wouldn’t speak for a whole week. I have attachment issues and I felt he low-key got tired of me so I used the last slither of my pride to basically “stop using his subscription”. I don’t want to be specific in case he’s reading this, but yh, I stopped using his subscription which he paid for and I deleted his bank details from my device. This is because I wanted to start over with him. I wanted him to be nothing more than just a friend so that I wouldn’t expect anything from him, but he read into it differently. He then saw it as me burning bridges and giving up on us. Idek how to fix the problem because he doesn’t seem to be affected by me leaving.

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