I’m 19, he’s 27. He always beats me whenever I refuse to go on errands for him. It has been happening ever since I was he’d beat me for not washing his clothes but our elder sisters told him not to again if I refuse to cook for him or clear the plates he used to eat, i defended myself one time but got a beating from my elder sisters. My mum always says it’s my fault, that it’s because I’m too proud, she always supports him he still beats me and insults me anytime I talk or do anything and everyone thinks it’s okay. I know that i will never forgive him for all the pain unless God intervenes. And even if I do, I will always see him as a stranger and never accept him into my life. I do not wish him a happy life, but I won’t wish him bad either. But the pain in my heart will probably never heal. Please pray for me as you read this, so I can forgive him. I can’t do this alone.

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