a phase

I’m at the point in my life which I feel very overwhelmed, depressed and confused. I’m angry at everything for bringing me into earth not just that but somewhere I constantly question my sanity at times. I’m so confused right now, my parent isn’t even trying to see things from my perspective. I feel so helpless and confused, some might think what I’m worried about is stupid or not-important but to me it is.
. I passed out of secondary school last year, due to jamb wahala and on my parent’s persuasion I forfeited last year and decided to retake again this year, i did really well this time around but asuu came up, I tried convincing them that I should change to a cheap state uni not under asuu but they said no… it must be federal. Now most State schools are done with putme, the school I applied for hasn’t released post utme form if they don’t then I’m fucked. It’s 2 months left in this year if I don’t gain admission I’ll have to write jamb again next year, my friends will be in 200l this month, I’m still at home with good jamb result and excellent olevel. It’s like my life is stagnant, i feel so useless and worthless right now it’s very depressing right now. God help me

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