F*kd up

I’m writing this with a heavy heart, everything i’ve ventured into has never brought a positive result. I went to 2 different universities, couldn’t graduate, not because i’m dull or something, i even be good boy, i no join cult, church worker gan but he just be like say i just dey exist o. I’ve thought of suicide but i can’t because it might kill my mom, i didn’t want to be blamed after i’m gone. I’ve worked, learnt a skill, even do yahoo, e just be like say i dey waste my time on earth. But see ehn, i’ve made up my mind, i must make am by fire by force. See i get people wey ey wait patiently to laugh at my failures. I say NOOOO. my God pass dem.


  1. YEAH! that’s the real deal comrade, I love the last line and trust me your story is about to change

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