My boyfriend has NEVER bought me a birthday gift, or taken me out for that matter. Last week was the 3rd birthday I’d be celebrating with him but all I got was SM posts. Someone’s whose birthday I’d buy gift, spend money on surprise package etc just to make him happy. PS, he earns way more than I do!. I even thought my gift was coming but till now no show. I’m 25 fgs, I cannot continue like this

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  1. You being 25 has nothing to do with what you wrote there.

    Besides, if you’ve been with him for three whole years as you said, then there certainly must be things he has done for you in the past that made you want to continue staying with him. If you do not like how he doesn’t buy you gifts on your birthday, voice out your concerns to him. I’m a guy and birthday noise/gifts isn’t something I take seriously. He might be that same way.

    Talk it over with him.


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