I’m in love with a director of a company and I’m just a mere front desk personnel. I wish life was like a book or a movie where he would love me back. Anyway I’m sha having sex with him, if I can’t get him to be inlove with me I sha can get him inside me.

Director 2

Ahh, you people should calm down he is not my boss o and he is not a married guy. He is a director of another company, I’m inlove with him but he doesn’t want to be in a relationship. I choose to be friends with benefit, it’s my choice.


  1. Only when the man has a higher position will women unnecessarily fall in love.
    If the situation were to be reversed, you’ll see the lady belittling the guy because he’s beneath her.

    1. Big clowns bro! Just have money… Women will surround you like flies over a dead meat… So ridiculous!

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