God did

I never really had confidence and women always looked down on me till I started making money. I currently have 853million naira in my account all legit no yahoo, I have 2 houses, a tech startup and I drive the latest cars and I’m just 27. I learnt the hard way that women only make rules for broke men, now they flock like flies on dead animals. This is why I never take them serious. I wish I can find that one person who’s genuine because I’m so ready to settle down!


  1. Hey there, true to the fact that your worth is enticing. I’m a business analyst and have great flair and passion for tech, specifically programming and development. And yes, I’m not a learner when it comes to web dev too. You might want to give us a chance 😁 I’m not primarily in for the money but my passion for tech and those in tech. IG username is callmea_y. Hope you hear from you soon 😎

  2. And yeah, I celebrate you. Your achievements had hard work. It feels so good to be able to afford those things that you’d have not been able to afford way back.

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